Preliminary Topics

Meeting Theme

From Concept to Commercialization


In 2011, sessions will be organized by development stage rather than by type of process/subject area. The chairs hope this format will engage attendees in a diverse range of talks and topics.

  Sunday, November 6

Biochemical engineering: Advances at the intersection of bug and reactor
Convener: Zeynep Cvetkovic, Athens GA and Sam Ellis, Thomson Instruments, Inc.

  Monday, November 7

Developing a process - where to start: screening and scouting
Convener: Sanjay Jain, Novobios and Kevin Millsap, University of Georgia

New strategies for process development
Convener: Steven Van Dien, Genomatica and Everett Stone

Poster Session
Convener: Ali Mohagheghi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  Tuesday, November 8

New reactor design: advances in fermentor technology in the commercial sector
Convener: Gareth Lewis, Medimmune and David Laidlaw, Applikon

Downstream processing and integration with fermentation processes (tentative)
Convener: Tony Hitchcock, Recipharm and Jesse McCool, Recipharm

  Wednesday, November 9

Challenges and solutions in large scale manufacture
Convener: Arlene Fosmer, Cargill and Swapnil Bhargava, Amgen