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JIMB is the flagship journal of SIMB. As stated in JIMB “aims and scope”, it is an international journal that publishes papers describing original research, short communications and critical reviews in the fields of biotechnology, fermentation and cell culture, biocatalysis, environmental microbiology, natural products discovery and biosynthesis, metabolic engineering, genomics, bioinformatics, food microbiology and other areas of applied microbiology. “Significantly novel industrial microbiology and/or biotechnology” is a major criterion for accepting manuscripts. Thus, manuscripts reporting on well described processes, organisms, enzymes, shake flask optimization, screening studies/isolation studies, etc. are not acceptable unless novel and significant new information pertaining to “industrial microbiology and/or biotechnology” is presented. JIMB publishes high quality manuscripts and reviews.

All manuscripts undergo critical peer review. If they are deemed relevant to JIMB “aims and scope”, the Editor-in-Chief assigns them to one of 15 Senior Editors who are experts in the various fields of industrial microbiology and/or biotechnology. Senior Editors may further assign the manuscripts to at least two other qualified reviewers. These reviewers may come from our Editorial Board (currently consists of about 85 reviewers) or “outside reviewers”. Our Senior Editors represent seven countries over 3 continents; our Editorial Board, many more.

We recently began publishing “Special Issues” with all articles, mainly reviews, written by invited experts (these articles also undergo peer review). Examples include:

+ Microbial Genome Mining, (2014) Brian O. Bachman, Steven G. Van Lanen, Richard Baltz, Editors, 41 #2: February 2014.
+ Metabolic Engineering, (2015) Jens Nielsen and Ramon Gonzalez, Editors, 42#3: March 2015.
+ Natural Product Discovery and Development in the Genomic Era, in preparation, publication expected in January 2016.

The chart below summarizes some recent statistics for JIMB. For IF ratings our category is “Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology”.

Year Impact Factor RANK # Manuscripts Submitted
2014 NA NA 1121*
2013 2.505 61/161 1048
2012 2.321 68/159 906
2011 2.735 58/157 936
2010 2.416 63/159 901
2009 1.798 81/150 674
* JIMB rejection rate is about 85%

As Editor-in-Chief I invite you to contribute manuscripts representing your relevant work in the areas of “industrial microbiology and/or biotechnology” to JIMB.

Robert (Bob) D. Schwartz

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The 2015 SIMB Election is currently in progress. You have until March 31, 2015, 3 p.m. EST to cast your vote.

Your login information is as follows:
Username: Your last name with the first letter capitalized.
Password: Your customer ID number. Some members have an “I” (as in ice) in their customer ID number. This is capitalized and needs to be included.

Click here to cast your vote
After logging on, you will select one candidate for the office of President-Elect, Secretary and Director. Each of the offices to be filled, will serve a three-year term. Vote for each office. You will have the opportunity to edit your choices on the confirmation page. You may exit at any time without voting by signing out.

View candidate bios (PDF)

**Student members are not eligible to vote.

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Three hundred attendees from twenty-four countries attended the recent SIMB Conference on Natural Product Discovery and Development in the Post-genomic Era. Members representing the Korean Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology and the Society for Actinomycetes Japan were well represented with over 70 delegates. The four-day meeting featured keynote and banquet talks by Greg Verdine, Warp Drive Bio and Julian Davies, University of British Columbia as well as six general sessions and over 125 posters. Many thanks to the international organizing committee and our corporate sponsors. Special thanks go to conference program chairs Richard Baltz, CognoGen Biotechnology Consulting and SIMB Past President, Leonard Katz, SynBerc, UC-Berkeley for developing.

A special issue of the Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (JIMB) will feature selected papers from the meeting and is scheduled for publication in early 2016.

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We are kicking off the 37th Symposium with a bang. In lieu of a keynote speaker, we are opening the meeting with an hour-long poster preview session. Forty presenters will be chosen from accepted poster submissions to present their work on one slide in one minute in the main meeting room. No questions, no comments. This is an opportunity to preview your poster to the entire meeting and get your colleagues excited to see your work! If you are interested in being considered for this opportunity, please be sure to check the appropriate box when you submit your abstract. Posters only, selected oral presentations are excluded. Students are highly encouraged to try this!

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Announcing JIMB Open Access Month: Selected articles from the Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (JIMB) are now available on an open access basis through December 31, 2014 only. A subscription to JIMB is included as an SIMB membership benefit.

View list of available articles.